Looking for old friends.

Well Life is such we seldom forget our friends, especially those we cared very much for. It is sad when they disappear from our lives whether due to moves or something we would rather not think about. Or perhaps a misunderstanding. But with true friendship one doesn’t just give up when the going looks bad.  I have been looking for Carol Smallwood for a long time. Hope she is doing well and is healthy. Miss her a lot. She was working on the neatest story.  She was and is very special to me. Hope she knows that.
I am working an several books, one is finished, and I have a lot of poetry written. Considering a greeting card company.  Could be a lot of fun. Will keep this updated as best I can. If I happen to find my friend, or make new ones, will let you know.

One thought on “Looking for old friends.

  1. ILSE

    u not on name database?? it is a program round the world…where u can find u friends…i have found my friend who grew up with me…after almost 20 years in that program…hope u find her…lots of love.

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