A bittersweet day

Today  is quite beautiful here in Washington. Would be a wonderful day  to trek up to the mountains and view the world from afar. it is so strange then that I feel a little sad today. So many others are rejoicing, yet I know I am not alone. Out there somewhere there are others who are sad, for their own reasons. Or they fret, again for reasons only they know. The writer in me begs to be set free, and so it is.

Music is a soother, and by it I am so often set free. It is something like a breath of fresh air. And like air it touches but cannot be touched. It fills so completely,  gives and never takes. Such a pure and perfect gift there is only one place it could come from.  Music makes the world  sparkle and shine, makes us feel more alive. Can bring heart rending tears, or sweet smiles or fill the air with laughter.

To my two precious children who went with their grandma today to visit NE, I wish them and her well. Hope they are safe and happy. Hope they realize how much they are loved and I await their  return later this summer. I hope they bring back  a lot of smiles.

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