Welcome to a new day

Life is as simple or complicated as we make it. There is always a choice to be made, even if you don’t readily see it, or wish to make it. Thinking before you act is always a wise thing to do, though from all I have been witness to I wonder how many actually do this. So many problems could be avoided if more thought ere put into a decision.

By the way, friendships formed usually last, even when those who are friends have not seen one another, never met or perhaps been separated for whatever reason. Playing catch up can be fun and interesting, though it can also me rather difficult. So much to discuss and do, so many wonders to be considered.

I hope everyone out there is living live as best they can and to the fullest while at the same time taking care to think about the consequences of the things they do and say. They are long lasting and can do far more harm than one imagines.

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