Life strikes again…

Well, this is depressing. Not only do my kids think I am boring, my not quite 16 year old daughter thinks I am a loser. I would feel more insulted if I didn’t know that one day she will be thought of in like manner by her kids. I tend to feel sorry for her, just a little, then. Of course, she can make that hard when she is in one of her teen rages. Why do these times have to be so difficult?

I love writing to music, Yanni, Jim Brickman and the like. They bring an awful lot of inspiration. Music touches the heart and reaches the soul in a way too few things can. It’s very much like the air we breathe, there yet touching never to be touched. Maybe if my daughter listened to more soothing music she would feel less stressed in her life.

Music does something else, it wakens the lone thought lost dreams we hid when adults told us it was time to shelve them and grow up. You can dust them off now, there is no such thing as being too old for dreams. I promise. And if you sit quietly anywhere, the sea shore, a mountain top, a forest or by a brook, and listen you will hear the truest music. And, if you are very quiet, you might be blessed to hear angels. I hope you do.

Take care,

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