Today’s thoughts

People tend to do one of two things when they are afraid; Stand and fight, or run. Now, to be honest both could be equally good or bad, depending on the situation. You might be wondering why this strange random thought occurred to me, but if one were to closely look at the world they would find the answer to their own question.

Someone once told me that people who feared death, actually feared life so I asked whether they felt the same held true for people who feared life, did they in fact fear death. They claimed no. So you will have to find the answer within yourself, do you fear life? I have no fear of death, besides being an adventure I see it as well being closer to something I feel too far from at the moment.

Friendships are very important for a lot of reasons, it removes some of the fear one has of others. A very large part of the world’s trouble comes from this one thing, fear. Fear is something some people use to manipulate others, fear makes it possible, in fact, to manipulate a large mass of individuals. Scary thought? Yes. But, we allow it to happen every day. Look around you. You don’t even have to look very hard. Fear does one more thing, removes freedom. It is very near impossible to have the two together. Where fear reigns, freedom cannot. Like oil and water, they separate.

My thoughts of yesterday came from realizing meeting new people were the highlights of my life and each person I meet falls into a very special group. I have met very few whom I would avoid avoid today. Nice. Those that I would avoid are not necessarily bad people, just not people I feel comfortable knowing or being with. Fortunately, those are very few.

All of this does go together, may not, at first glance, appear to, but it does. Take a look at those you associate with now, and have in the past. Look at the friendships you have forged and the ones you allowed to lax. Think about the conversations and deeds, the thoughts you had. Do you fear? I do, but not the things you might think. I fear falling now, though falling and breaking as often as I have I thought i had overcome that particular fear long ago. You do heal after all. I fear hurting others. When I took the time to consider it there is very little anymore that I fear. At least that is understandable or something I can at this time articulate. I have discovered words do not convey all thoughts or ideas nor do they describe all. There is so much that cannot me touched by words any more than we can touch the wind or darkness. Now, mull that one over while I decide what to write next time.


One thought on “Today’s thoughts

  1. ♥♥♥♥♥___♥♥♥♥♥

    Dallas, thanks for opening u heart and fears….me too fears to hurt people…i’m very impulsive, and say and do sometimes things, not to hurt someone…but it just happens…that is my fear too!! i hate hurting someone!! it rained so much today…but u know what…i love it!! can’t wait to read u poems…! hope u have a wonderful wonderful evening…!

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