Some Angels I wish to share


Grace of an Angel

An Angel sang a graceful song,

It’s sound reached down from heaven

To touch the hungry hearts

Of Man.

Peace, hope,


All are woven together,

Like a tapestry,

In the miracles of the Angel’s song.

Seeming a whisper on a noisy day,

It becomes a shout of joy

In the silence

Of our hearts.


The Angels in Our Lives

Sometimes an angel shines very bright,

everyone can see them,

everyone knows they are there.

Sometimes they are quiet,

almost not there,

No one would recognize

who they are,

But they shine,

they still shine.

A smile or kind word,

a gentle, unexpected hug.

Everyone needs a little rain in their lives,

to help them appreciate the rainbows they also have.

When days are fair,

we can shine for someone

whose day is cloudy,

hope to bring a little sunshine,

because it only takes a little to bring out the rainbow.

And one day,

when the clouds are thick over head,

and we find we need a friend,

our angel will come out,

chase away the rain,

and show us the rainbow,

that was always there,


just waiting for us to find it.


The Angel at my Side

She says she will be a great orator on day,

maybe even president.

She sounds so confident for only two and a half.

So sweet,

so precious.

She says she’ll do wonderful things out in the world,

change it,

make it a better place to live,

for you,

for me,

for everybody.

She says she will do great things with her life

and the gift God has given,

it’s hard not to smile,

maybe even laugh a little inside,

but you have to wonder,

is she maybe,


I hope she is,

I hope she never loses sight,

or all the confidence she has inside,

of everything she wants to do,

to give.

I want her to hold onto her dream real tight,

never let the wind,

take it out of sight.

She says she will go far,

I believe her.

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