Too irresistible!

This little surprise is from my 8 year old. 😀 Hope it makes you smile as much as it makes me. I am leaving the spelling just as she had it ( besides asking me to) I think it is too precious to change. 😀

Say what you will, but she is very proud of this. 🙂 To be honest, I have seen her spell better than this, LOL so either she was rushing, which is likely, or just lazy. 😀 Her teacher liked it. 🙂


My Powm

grazing green grass

gaseing in the sun lihgt

as fluttring fluffy

cotten clouds go by.

what do I see? I see…

a truk, a duck, a clock, a sock,

a spoon, a moon, a casle

That is quit a dazle, a tree,

a bee, and a family of lazy

lions ley on the ground with their

littl littler of cubs, as the

sun setted in the horison.


Have an awesome day!!


4 thoughts on “Too irresistible!

  1. ♥♥♥♥♥___♥♥♥♥♥

    so cool!! already a great poet!! this is really good! hope u have a fantastic day my dear friend, thanks so much for u nice comment!! i’m off to work now…!

  2. Nozee

    The apple not falling far from the tree?What do you mean the spelling is wrong – it is poetic freedom – everyone knows that!;-)

  3. DragonBoy

    Hey Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey… ***crazy wave***
    Thanks for dropping by while I was away… I been a-travelling and now my travelling be done… for this week anyway… so I thought before I hung up my travelling pants, I’d travel over your way and visit you…
    …and what a splendiferous place you have here… Funky poetry… pics and stuff…
    But I gotta scoot now… neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep….
    ***crazy wave***

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