The strangers in my life


So many people have come and gone,

Some have shared their lives,

Some have stayed but a little while,

Some have vanished into the night.

I wonder about them.

We drift through our lives,

Do you ever wonder why?

Have you ever wondered about all the touched lives,

And where all the dreams we had?

Where have all our old friends gone,

Where have all the people gone?

So many lives,

So many hearts and souls,

I wonder where they have all gone.

Did the dreams follow?

Will we meet again?

So many people have come and gone,

Some return,

Many don’t.

But they remain in my heart.

I thank God for that.


by Dallas Sieck



Today was filled with wind and rain and the sounds of beautiful music and showed me many wonderful things. Three new poems I share with you, written as I journeyed through the web following the path that seemed to have been laid before me some other day.

Hope you who go into the night do so with joyful hearts and much peace and those just waking that your day is filled the same.

God Bless!


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