New photos for you, sort of

I added some pictures with poems in my one poetry album. Was typing them in a couple pf days ago and fixed a few today. Will fix a few more and of course type up some more poems. Out of the twenty poems I typed up I added ten new ones that just popped into my head while I was working. Kind of slows things down, but oh well. More to work with later. One of these days I will get them all typed up and then find out I have much more than I thought.

I haven’t really been doing much, has nothing to do with not being able to dream up new things, doubt I ever have a problem with that and when I do, hope they bury me. I’ll have to be dead then. Memory has been giving me a little trouble, just thought it was a bad spell, but am beginning to wonder now. For someone who once had a crystal clear memory that went way back to infancy this is more than just annoying, it is disturbing. Once I walked from here to there with little or no effort. Relived each time I wished. The sounds, thoughts, smells, it was all right there. Read a book and all I had to do later was touch the silly thing and my mind would go from page one to the end in nothing flat and well, then of course I would sigh and say why bother? Now, books I have read a hundred times (and there are quite a few I have at least that many times) are strangers to me. Am I scared? Well, that depends on the day. I have wondered if I will ever go so far away I can’t come back, but I think my fear is more for the happiness of those around me. How they will deal with the changes life has seen fit to hand me. Over all I don’t dwell on it much even, ironically, forget about it. 😀

Wow! For a minute there I had to struggle to retrieve the thought I was having. It just decided to flit away like a butterfly. Anyway, I was thinking the other day about how this time the memory isn’t just hazy, or full of holes, or shadowy. Now there seems to be large dark places where I can no longer travel. Trying to visualize things in the past, to recall something someone wants to know, is often so difficult now I get a headache quite often just from try. So I have backed away from that. Maybe it is what God wants. Don’t look back. Nothing there can be changed. Sometimes though it is almost scary. It is like being set adrift without oars, on a flat raft no less, out in the middle of the ocean. The world feels much larger than and the universe even larger. But it is lighter somehow. And that is nice.

Hope you enjoy the new poems. I will try to have more tomorrow, but it may be this weekend before I can get on again.

God Bless!!


One thought on “New photos for you, sort of

  1. ♥♥♥♥♥___♥♥♥♥♥

    Dallas, my dear, this blog shares just how u feel, you right, perhaps GOD don’t want u to remember he past, but u heart is in the right place and that’s what matter, not the past!! i hope u have a blessed sunday, and remembe i love u!

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