Something new

To Bend & Bow


Sometimes things affect us in a way we don’t expect.

A movie, a book, or a story about someone else’s life a dream we might have had.

Sometimes it is a gentle touch,

Sometimes it is profound,

Sometimes it is a glancing blow,

And sometime it changes the rest of our lives.

Life touches us in a million different ways

And we change

Whether we wish to or not

We change.

The wind etches the mountains and bends and bows the bushes and trees,

The rain draws designs,

Waves change the shore line.

We can be as all things God has made and bend and bow,

Give ourselves to change,

Or we can break.

So much easier to bend and bow.

Sometimes things affect us in ways we don’t expect,

But that is the charm in life,

The dream and the mystery

Of what change will bring to our life.

Thoughts come and go,

Allowed to drift they touch places we might never otherwise know or go.

Live a dream today

You may not get to tomorrow.


by Dallas Sieck


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