Hello again…

My husband and I often drive by this place. It is both sad to see and yet, there seems to be promise somewhere in there. Live hands us many things, what we do with them is up to us. 🙂 I choose to make magic when I can.

Have an awesome week everyone!!



The House & Barn


The world encroaches upon them

The decrepit old house and barn.

Despite their seeming neglect,

Smoke spews fourth from the chimney,

Old cars, truck and even a boat,

Almost as decrepit in nature,

Fill the open yard

Between house

And half fallen barn.

Cars whip by,

Many apparently have not seen,

The little run down house

And obviously falling down barn.

Both struggling to hold onto a world,

That has long passed them by,

Very much left them far behind.

Despite all this,

There seems to be much promise there,

In the windows and things seen

From a road that now slips by

Allowing the world to encroach

Upon an old decrepit house and barn.


By  Dallas Sieck


5 thoughts on “Hello again…

  1. Aussie

    What beautiful images that brings to my mind
    a dying past with the future streaming bye
    great images and thank you for sharing it
    your friend……..IAN

  2. Angel eyes

    just wonderful as , sadl here we watched the house across toad that was lived in by our beloved neighbours  angel eyes

  3. ♥♥♥♥♥___♥♥♥♥♥

    Dallas, dear, this is so beautiful!! agree with u, what u do with things in u life is u choice…!! just not always that easy, specially when things hurt a lot!

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