Something for the sad souls






Life is so unpredictable,

One wonders whether we could ever be truly happy.

One moment we sit,

Contemplating all life has offered,

All we have been blessed with,

Then suddenly it rains.

If we are lucky that is all it does,

But too often,

When it rains,

It pours.

And all we can do is pick up the pieces.

A fragile thing is glass

And lives are like this,

Yet tempered,

And the shattered pieces lay scattered,

Like our hearts and sometimes

Our souls.

When we feel all is lost,

No hope to be found anywhere near home,

Then suddenly the sun comes out

A hand reaches out

And takes you by the hand.

Lives shatter every day,


They don’t need to stay that way.


by: Dallas Sieck


Challenge of Life


Life is such we often find

deeply inclined

to run from what faces us.

So challenged by life,

we stand only a short time,

before conquered,

or so we seem to be.

The heart goes on beating,

breath fills weary lungs,

we could scream,

but utter just a whisper of a cry.

Despite how alone we may feel,

there is one mightier than we be,

He surrounds us

enfolds us,

keeps us with His undying love.


by: Dallas Sieck




4 thoughts on “Something for the sad souls

  1. Aussie

    Beautiful words on a fact of life that affects every living soul
    I have fears of again being caught not in rains but in deluges’s
    when every thing is not only shattered but washed away to all ends
    of your emotions and can never be retrieved and reaching
    safe shores to rebuild again and to again be overtaken by
    a tsunami in your heart,then you just stop trying to swim and
    just accept your ability to stay afloat

  2. ♥♥♥♥♥___♥♥♥♥♥

    Dallas, dear this is so beautiful, sometimes it feels like our lifes are scattered…and their is just no light at the end….and just don’t know how to get back all the pieces…!! thanks for u awesome friendship…i love u!

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