To amuse

A friend gave a group of us a word for the week and asked we put it in a sentence. Well…. anyone who knows me knows this is just begging for a verse. So, since she has promised a word a week I hope to be able to come up with at least one verse for every word she gives me. 😀 Hope I am up to this. 😀

Here is this week’s:

A Pugnacious Age

I have reached an age
where my body is being very pugnacious
and hence is making me rather irritable at times.
My brain refuses to function properly,
and denies my right to quality time of life.
My legs become pugnacious
denying my right to walk upright
my hands are so pugnacious
they tumble and fumble
and get twisted into knots
while I try to type well enough to make myself understood.
I have reached an age
when my body is often so pugnacious,
sleep would be a blessing,
but is very much denied.


by Dallas Sieck



4 thoughts on “To amuse

  1. Aussie

    Well done my friend,you certainly dealt with that word well,
    I look forward to your weekly entries in your word play
    you will go well I am sure

  2. swamp

    Hiya, about time I splashed by, and left some muddy prints.
    Nice flow of words, and what a great word is ‘pugnacious’. Falls from the mouth so well.  :)
    Enjoy the rest of the day :)

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