The Descent of Age


We rise up from a youth

heedless of all before us,

We lift up our hearts to all that is willing to embrace us

never looking back to what might have been

seldom considering

what might be.

From our youth

we rush head long into a long struggle with adult life

too hectic to turn back,

still not realizing all that lies ahead.

When the time comes that we do glance back

it is some days with wishful heart

of all we left behind,

and some days resentful

of all we left.

Sooner than we wish

time speeds then slows

never as we would wish,

just as it has decided.

When one day we chance a glance in the looking glass

do we then see how much time flew by.

The glimpses into a future

now far too near than one might ever have realized,

come insights of a life we were too flippant with

and denied too much direct attention.

But now a smile we must allow

for time will be our guide,

and soon one greater than we

will open good strong arms

and whisper gently,

never mind.


by  Dallas Sieck


I know I said I was resting this weekend, but this popped into my head and refused to be still, insisting on being shared with all of you wonderful people.

Have a most awesome Sunday!!



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