Word Rambling

How can a person write something and not be attached? How would it be possible to not become a part of what you have written? Words flow from a very deep part of us, they cannot just be snipped and sent packing and feelings we have tend to fill these words as much as the words fill us and the pages we write on.

We become attached to people who read the words we write as well and when those people enjoy our work it is wonderful, when it makes them think it is wonderful and when they say they aren’t sure about what we write, some become offended or hurt while others try to change the way they write or present what they write to be more appealing.

Some just write to write and some write for adventure and some to touch some part of others in a new way. No matter how we write or what we write there are still feelings attached and we go with whatever we have written so it touches us back in a different way.

Have a wonderful week, I know, I was tagged and should tag in return. Give me a few. 🙂


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