Good Evening


My Notebook


Just a tattered notebook,

Careworn and torn,

Coffee and tea stains,

Tears that fell like rain,

Mostly ragged,

Yet I manage to find a few crisp pages

Waiting to be filled.

Many more are dog-eared,

Some scribbled on.

Words sometimes faded,

But I still see each word there,

Each with a special place of its own,

Almost a shadow in my mind.

They speak to me,

Soft, gentle whispers from some other place,

Some other time,

Real worlds to me,

Fill me.

Each time I journey away,

Through time worn pages,

Or pages scrubbed clean,

In the old tattered notebook I keep,

My faithful companion,

Ever true and ever by my side,

A much beloved friend.

No one would ever suspect this tattered old notebook,

Careworn and torn,

But it is mine.

A dear and special friend.


by Dallas Sieck

6 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. ♥♥♥♥♥___♥♥♥♥♥

    this is so beautiful, darling!! the pic 2!! sending my darling friend a big big hug!

  2. Aussie

    A great writing my friend
    so Iam not the only one
    with pages tattered and
    dog eared,in actual fact
    I have a floor strewn
    with papers keep writing

  3. the

    Very lovely.  Never let that notebook stray too far away – always at your side.  And like a faithful companion, I’ll always be here.  Peace.

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