Heave can be very loud at times…..

I have found that sitting quietly can make it so what was at first faint becomes so much louder I ask if others hear it as well. They always say no and this saddens me. Something so beautiful should be heard and enjoyed, appreciated. Will other be blessed sometime later here, or will they only hear heaven once they are there?

God Bless





If you are quiet enough

listen close enough,

you might hear what I hear

the songs of angels

and all the music of heaven,

or perhaps they will make something different for you.

Heaven wakens in me,

sometimes when the day is too much,

or life moves too fast.

Sometimes when it is quiet,

they fill the air around me

Angels and music and all God has called.

Sometimes barely a whisper,

sometimes quite loud,

I often wonder

can anyone else hear what I hear?

Angels and all of heaven,

the whisperings of God.

Do I hear these with me ears,

or with my heart?


Dallas Sieck

4 thoughts on “Heave can be very loud at times…..

  1. Billy

    Hi!Yes, a beautiful poem indeed. It reminds me the knowing… "Be Still and Know that I am God."You can hear the angels sing and smell the fragrance of the garden of eden if you have faith.A very wise man once wrote:"Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark."(Rabindranath Tagore )In the final analysis, we get what we believe we deserve.If we believe we deserve something, we will be put into "alignment" to receive what we believe we deserve. Be still, and hear the angels sing.The same wise man also wrote:"Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it."(Rabindranath Tagore )Blessings to you…

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