Have a wonderful weekend

This seemed fitting, the shadows of the day are deep and make the day feel different. I have noticed this about some days, the way shadows lay seen to make the day strange, sometimes enchanting, sometime melancholy and sometime bold, some days you feel like just watching them all day, or reading, or sitting under a tree and enjoy the whole day. Or perhaps walking in a tree lined way. So many things cast shadows, some are by light, some by mood of the mind. Sometimes when I write I wonder where the words and thoughts come from. They almost don’t seem like mine. Strange? Maybe not.



Shadow Play


Shadows lay different at different times of the day

And different seasons of the year,

They also lay different in days of fair weather and foul.

There are shadows at night

That lay as different as the light that casts them falls.

Some shadows dance and sway to a music

Only they can hear,

Or maybe a lover’s heart.

Some shadows play hide and seek,

Or tag as they run behind or before us.

Some seem to carry secrets of what they might hide.

Shadows lay long and deep,

Or small and shallow,

They can be restful and gentle,

Helpful as they cool a cruel sun.

Shadows lay different at different times of the day,

And different seasons bring different shadows,

Like memories life weaves.


by Dallas Sieck

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