We are who we think we are, who we make ourselves

We too often blame others for the way we are, for how we feel and what we do, but this is a wrong thing to do, despite how much we believe otherwise. We are responsible for our own happiness and regardless of the vexations others might bring with them into our lives, we can choose whether or not to allow these to bother us to the point of ruining our happiness, or flow with it and keep our center clear so the happiness we are all allowed remains with us. No one is ever born to be truly unhappy, nor or they born to be entirely unloved. If there is even one person they can think of with respect and or fondness, they should remember it to bring back the happiness that sometimes deserts us. Not one can be constantly happy, there are events in life that try very hard to make us otherwise, but we do not have to bow down to them or allow them to swallow us. We make mistakes, it is nature. If we didn’t we would never learn humility or much else. Accepting this is another way of centering ourselves in happiness.

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