A bad day, all right now

Alzheimer’s is a constant reminder that we are never in as much control of our lives or events as we want to believe. It forces you to live life one day at a time, and each day one moment at a time.

Too many people never learn this, many who do learn too late. I wonder, will those who learn early enough at least try to live their lives differently?

Ron forgot to get one of my prescriptions filled, the Exelon patch, he was too busy with the new job and coming home extra tired and just doing too much. I told him Walgreens had an automated system and they even called and emailed you when it was time for renewing or pick up, and I have been told they also deliver. I think he will be seriously reconsidering his decision not to do that after what happened. That was a scary experience! I guess being on the meds I didn’t realize how far it had gotten?

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