A new thought for the day

Lap of Luxury

by Dallas Sieck

We sit in the lap of luxury,

Though too often we don’t see it,

Even the poorest people

Have what they did not have

Fifty years ago.


Perhaps we lack that something

That cannot be seen or felt

In the ordinary way

Trust, honesty and integrity

Where have they gone?

Giving unselfishly a helping hand

Raising up

Instead of putting down

Those with so little more than hope.


Where have you hidden?

Will it ever be found?

So many complaints


We sit in the lap of luxury,

It may not be recognized for what it is

For too often we depend on the visions of dreams,

But we do live quite nicely,

Comfortably and quite cozy,

Depending so much more than we think,

On that unstable lap

Of luxury.

We abuse and misuse,

Run away and ignore,

Yet make many more demands

For all we deny too many others

And still,

Looking at everything we have,

Everything there is,

We all sit in the lap of luxury,

Wealth that was not to be had

Even fifty years ago,

Poor only in that which cannot be seen,

Cannot be held or touched

So is not thought of

As wealth.


Perhaps we are terribly poor

After all.

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