Something nice

I was going through my poems, listening to good music brings out a creative thing in me, and I found a poem I have no idea when I wrote, but it must have been inspired by a picture someone sent me or I saw on the web. It may not be about Alzheimer’s, but I think it should be shared and I don’t know if I ever did. Why am I in shock, well it took me by surprise. I hope you like it, I cried after reading it. LOL
Ron said that as far as he remembers I wrote this, I tend to forget what I write even though it is in my own handwriting, silly I know.



A Soldiers Thoughts

by Dallas Sieck

I watched the sun rise
Over a foreign horizon,
Thoughts of you and why
Flitting through my tired mind.
I listened to the sounds around me,
Some so strange and some so familiar,
And again I wonder why.
What happened to the world I thought I knew?
What happened to the country I thought I knew?
What happened?
I watched the sun set
On a foreign horizon,
No where near where I watched it rise.
Thoughts of you and why still flit through my tired mind
And I wonder,
Will I ever see you again?
Will I ever see home,
Will it even be the same?
The stars and moon, guide me to sleep,
They and the sun seem to be
The only thing left the same.

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