Just another day of shadow and struggle

For what might be the first time, but it may not as I can’t remember very much any more, I saw something interesting and said to myself, “WOW! I have to tell my mom!” Then, I remembered she is dead. Anything I find out, learn or whatever and want to tell her because she would find it interesting or cute or funny she will know, just not from me. At least I don’t think.

You know life was not meant to be without challenges, but I honestly believe humans make it too much more so. They do it unnecessarily too. It really should not be as difficult as it is and there shouldn’t be so many people on the short end of the stick.

I miss my mom. Yet, I find that tonight my emotions don’t exist. I feel little. Maybe I am too tired and will feel more later, but they say people with Alzheimer’s get to a point where they don’t feel much if anything, physically or emotionally. It strips us of life while we are still alive so there is so much less to shed when die.

Time they say moves forward. Everything and everyone ages. But somehow I think Time is ageless. It just is, yet it doesn’t really exist. It is a word we have given something that is far beyond comprehension for the most part despite all those who study it. But how much do humans really understand of life as a whole? Not much from where I sit. Sure there are many who are considered super smart, but is that because they are too little understood, or that they know and maybe understand what others might not or find difficult or too much a bother?

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