I should start telling some about my life

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10:43 PM

I was born Nov 26 1963. Not too long after Kennedy was killed.


Time and current events and least of all gossip mean very little to a newborn even at the best of circumstances. But try to have then almost all of them stacked against you,


I am quite sure there would have been much fighting over it all. But even I find little that would truly compensate for what we went through,


What is the point.



To be honest, physical beauty has not meant that much to me, If a person could not see me as I was and at least like me, why bother? There was enough superficial love for way too may. I am sorry but I refused to join the ranks.


I am who I am and try to be just as honest. If it hurts, it must be truth, though we do not do it to demoralize you so much as to show you how truly loved you really are,


I grew up for a short time with my parents and grandparents of my dad. I spent so much time in the hospital that I honestly remember little of home life.




Here my mother’s and at least to uncles seemed to share the same path. We were not given choices in this. It was how we were born. In another time or place we may have either died or been used in horrendous excuses for studies.


At the moment I am torn between sheltering you or ripping the shield away;


I will try to writ more later.


Sweet dreams.




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