There are some things Alzheimer’s just cannot do

Thursday, February 26, 2015

10:14 PM

Alzheimer’s cannot touch parts of me reserved for me and God.

There are things that happened in my life that Alzheimer’s just cannot steal from me. They have been safely stored already, protected by something closer to me than anything here on earth could ever be. And I am truly thankful for this.

There are three people I met in my life who touched me in ways that will forever have intense meaning for me. Jesus, when I was around 11 or so, and is a very personal experience for me. For Jesus to walk into my room and sit on my bed for however long he sat, it felt like both eternity and a fraction of a moment, means more to me than I have yet been able to put into words. To know that had either of us reached out to one another we would have touched, the moment is precious.

Then when I was in my late teens no older than 21 at most, I met Pearl Bailey, a truly remarkable woman who sat with me and talked about everyday happenings and how life was so fickle. We exchanged letters until the day she died. He husband wrote me the last letting me know she had just read my letter and was just getting ready to write to me. Another very precious moment.

Then I get to meet someone I never thought I would, Ravi Shankar. He played at the University in NE and I was fortunate to be invited to see him. After listening to him for what seemed eternity, I was taken on stage and he walked up to me with the most beautiful smile and gave me a hug I can still feel to this day. It was like time stopped and we were transported somewhere far away for the few minutes. The men who played with him were very much in shock and I was told later he very seldom did that. But he had said I was blessed.

Most of us travel through life never meeting one person or seeing one place that touches their heart, their very soul. Do I feel blessed? Yes, sometimes I do.

My mom always told me I had a gift. I knew how to draw at a very young age and learned to write not that long afterward. But it wasn’t those kind of gifts she was talking about. She was talking about the honest love I gave so freely that she had warn me about people who preyed on those kind of people.

There was another special person, my mom. I love her dearly and will miss her dreadfully. And here is a funny thing about Alzheimer’s. For all the horror it is putting me through, and my family, it softens some things, like hurt over losing so many people I love. Yes, for all the hurtful things Alzheimer’s does, it does bring you to a time when you don’t feel it as much. Where you see beauty in things you hadn’t before.

Walking was never easy for me, but when I looked down and saw fee that I knew just had to belong to Jesus, I knew I would be alright. Between He and God I would do just fine. And I will believe this with my dying breath.



4 thoughts on “There are some things Alzheimer’s just cannot do

  1. Laura Bradshaw

    Very touching, and I agree with your Mother that you are so giving of your love. That is quite a special gift to have and to give. I am so glad to know you.

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