Can’t seem to get away from it .


Friday, July 3, 2015

9:13 PM

Everywhere I turn any more Alzheimer’s is there sneering at me . It’s more terrifying than any horror story . I seem to be living a horror story of my own .

Thing is , I can’t get away from it . It follows me , haunting my life and filling my dreams with the same horrible things .

It’s funny how it works out . There are many books and movies on Alzheimer’s and dementia yet they too often wind up being more about the people who are not living the disease just the people who are taking care of those who have it . Like we who have it no longer exist .

I feel like a ghost .

Stephen King once said Alzheimer’s was the scariest thing out there, especially for a writer. But it is the scariest thing out there period. It comes out of nowhere and at any time of a person’s life.

It is not a disease just for old people and it isn’t something just for people who don’t go very far with their education. It is not just for people who haven’t used and exercised their brain.

It strikes at anyone at any time and it wins the battle regardless what you do.

The monsters under the bed or in the closet, they aren’t real, but there is a monster out there you can’t see. And you can’t hide from it either.

I think a lot of people try though. Trust me, you can’t hide from this monster.


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