Something I wrote

Found this and thought I should post it. Don’t remember even writing it. I hate Dementia. I am only 53 for heaven sake!

I think I will disappoint a lot of people. I don’t mean to, don’t want to, but think it will happen nonetheless. Seems unavoidable at this point really. Maybe it is more that I find I am disappointed in myself. I feel I could have tried harder in everything I did.
But at the same time I am trying not to regret my life. What was done cannot be undone. Like someone said, there is only now. Yesterday is done and gone, cannot be changed. Tomorrow is not real as it may never come. We only have now, this moment to do and say all we need and want.
Funny how they have so many movies about the end of the world, but haven’t touched on one like this. What if tomorrow never came. I think I could live with that, pun intended.
I guess I am in a very strange place tonight and should just go to bed. People will be assuming I have pretty much lost it. Oh well, think what you will. Sweet dreams and good night.

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