It Really is Sad

Warning, this is a venting post. I am not taking any consideration of anyone’s personal feeling right now. Mostly because too few bother to consider mine. This is simply something I have to get out and just having it tucked away hidden in a file seemed disrespectful of myself and the few out there that must feel and think the same as I do. It would be a shame if I found I really was a lone wolf on this subject. But I don’t think I am.

It really is VERY sad that a grown man cannot simply move on with more important matters. It really is VERY sad he thinks the country has nothing better to do or think about than his childish ego. 

If you realize I am speaking of the baby pretending to be president than you are right. I really am heartily sick of hearing his constant whining about his not receiving more popular votes than he did, and to be quite honest if there IS voter fraud I would suspect it more his doing than anyone else’s and he simply can’t believe his trick didn’t work.

What will he do when they find there is no fraud except on his part?

I am sick of the tantrums he throws, his finger pointing, his constant pouting. He has managed to ruin what little this country had left of respect. And I am writing this to vent, not please.

It sickens me having to wake every morning knowing there is a hateful, spiteful infant throwing tantrums because he doesn’t get things he wants. I never dreamed we would have to live in a country run by people as awful, as selfish, as the people in D.C. right now.

Between the white house, the congress and the senate, we have nothing but idiots thinking only of their own personal self interest instead of the country. I never dreamed it would be so bad. I want to go to sleep and never wake up.

Every time I read of another idiotic thing happening there it makes me wish I had died last year before I had to witness such a sick tragedy. We finally found a government that is so evil and closed minded, thinking only of what they might get out of only God knows what, that I doubt this country ever recovers. It would take many, many generations for this mess to get fixed.

I see it getting much worse long before it gets even slightly better. And it won’t happen with anyone who is currently in office. Sad to think everything my forefathers fought for when they fought for independence has been flushed down the toilet. And all for a few stupid bucks and ego. Perhaps my forefathers saw what was coming because they all left for Canada, Alaska and a handful here in Washington state. It’s a shame most are no longer walking among the living. The country could use a good swift kick!



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