Things just don’t want to get better

Saturday, June 10, 2017

12:53 AM

I can’t shake the feeling that something truly awful is going to happen. Most people will think I am being silly or over dramatic, letting things get to me.

Maybe I am, and maybe I am not frightened enough. I just feel something awful is coming. Something that makes much of what we have gone through in the past as easy.

There will be some who say that Alzheimer’s makes you feel that way. And to some extent I suppose we do. After all our world is growing darker, and smaller and far scarier. There comes a time when I am anxious for the unresponsiveness to come sooner.

Of course, it may be all about the changes Alzheimer’s is making with me, especially my mind. Why wouldn’t I start seeing things as going darker and running head long into the apocalypse?

Still, the world seems headed towards a bad place. I wanted a brighter, happier world full of adventure and job opportunities and happiness and no worries about health care. I was hoping this country would stop all the fighting amongst themselves and start getting along better. You can’t deal with the world as a whole if you can’t even talk with your neighbor without yelling or throw nasty words around because someone or something has made you feel uncomfortable.

Some of what I am feeling is coming from all the meanness I see and hear about. We have definitely fallen into a very dark time and we should be afraid. What comes will not be stopped easily, certainly not if people continue to wear blinders or pretend everything they hear, see or read is fake news because it makes them uncomfortable or because they just don’t like what they hear.

Right now I could almost swear I’m in the twilight zone and fell down the rabbit hole to boot. And we all know the nightmare the second story was. I’m beginning to think we are living some of those nightmares written so long ago and it terrifies me. What if some of those books and movies written not so long ago start coming true? What do we do then?



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