Witnessing so much shamefulness


We can sling mud at each other all day every day and never get anywhere, just plain dirty, and look very foolish by the end of it. It never solves problems and never fixes anything. Just makes one another dirty and angry. oh and sometimes that mud you sling, may have a rock in it and hurt someone and that someone may not be the one you thought it would be.

When someone is insistent on behaving like an infant instead of an adult they are setting no good example. And those who support those sadly immature adults or shrug off what they do are just as bad. They harm everyone and everything around them and it doesn’t matter if they don’t think they are or realize they are. They are guilty just the same.

We all wish when we are children to be an adult, but once we are we find how truly difficult life really is and how many we are responsible for. It isn’t as fun as we think it is and it last so much longer.

I am very sad to be a witness to the shameful things being said and done, it really makes me wish I could close my eyes and go to sleep and never wake up.

Speaking my mind would too often upset many and solve nothing as no one seems to care what one another thinks anymore. No views are shared in friendly debate, there is just hatefulness.

It is a shame there is no one to set a better example for the people and most important those people who will hold the future in their hands.

The sea is filled with all the bitter tears so many innocent have shed and there seems no end in sight. Just trampled hearts and dreams that have been shattered.




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