Sunday, August 6, 2017

8:44 PM

I have been sitting her for a while wondering about Alzheimer’s and how it affects people. There are people who will read this and there will be people who will like it, though they didn’t read but some of it, maybe telling themselves they read it later when the time felt more right. But my time is running out. Like m


You see, this September will mark 10 years since I was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. the official timeline might look something like this:

Age 29: patient doing well, showing impressive ways with memory recall. Almost frightening in it clarity and how much she remembers, even dreams are fully recalled upon waking and even recalled days or weeks later.

Age 33: some subtle signs of forgetfulness, patient does not always realize she has forgotten something or mixed things up, becomes extremely upset, to a major meltdown, uncontrollable for a certain amount of time. You must flow with it.



40’s we have found someone willing to look in places others are yet scared to look. And we find…the dreaded beast- Alzheimer’s. A name that really does not suit it. Not at all. It is more like an apocalypse. But I imagine many won’t like this but it is so true.



Now I am 53 almost 54 and there are a lot of people who wouldn’t suspect I had Alzheimer’s. they certainly would not know from just seeing me one time, oh unless they caught me on a very bad day and happened to see a major meltdown. Those are coming more frequently too frequently for my sanity.

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