I am a happily married wife and mom of 3 who was diagnosed with EOAD Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Sept, of 2007. I was just  43 at the time. It has not been a fun ride, this life of mine, but how many people can boast of such? And I suppose I should mention too I was born with a brittle bone disease called “Osteogenesis Imperfecta.” Seems the odds were long stacked against me. My making it this far and so few people realizing there is even anything wrong with me makes me pause to wonder. Does that make me feel better? Or have I hidden too much from the truth? Anyway, I write poetry, novels and more as well as draw and paint when I can. I crochet when I can too and love to read. Classic books are my favorites but I also have most of Stephen King’s books. Hope you enjoy my pages.

I will put photographs of any projects I get finished up, and of course will put poems and any short stories I get dome and make enough sense to be read.

Welcome to my garden, indeed my universe, of dreams. This place keeps me grounded and safe, it is where I come when my world fall apart.


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